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Why not choose life? – A question with an obvious answer for most. But there’s more to life than just having a heartbeat and being able to breathe. Many people are walking around today who are alive physically and yet they are miserable. Jesus said that he came that we might have life and have it abundantly! Are you experiencing that abundant life? What does that even mean?

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PS – if you have never received Christ as your savior, let me encourage you to see the gospel message here.

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1 – Eternal Life

Do you ever feel like you are living in spiritual poverty? Perhaps you’re just “hanging on” until you die and go to heaven. Did you know that when you received Christ by faith you were immediately united with Him? As a result of this union, you have more riches than you can imagine!
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God’s Design for Man

You are obviously aware that you have a body. But did you know that you also have a soul and a spirit? Do you know the difference between these two? Understanding how you were uniquely created can have a significant impact on how you live your life!
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Identity in Christ Part 1

Ever wondered why you do what you do? Is there an unknown force driving you toward certain behaviors? If so, what is this “force”?
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Completely Forgiven Once and For All – Part 1

Do you still commit acts of sin? If so, do you quickly ask God to forgive you? But, what if you forget to ask for forgiveness?
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Good News

Everyone loves to hear good news. What is the best news you can think of? Maybe – having a stranger pay off the loan on your car or home? Believe it or not, there is something better!
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Romans Chapter 6

Do you ever feel like you are a slave to sin? Then when you commit an act of sin, do you feel condemned? Experience a loss of joy and peace? Read Romans chapters 6-8 to understand the victory you NOW have over sin!
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The Controlling Power of Sin

Did you know that the power of sin desires to control you? Did you know that every time you make a set of rules to live a certain way, the power of sin is aroused?
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1 John Chapter 1 Commentary

Can a Christian fall out of fellowship with God? What about forgiveness? Does a Christian remain unforgiven until they confess their sin and ask God to forgive each sin?
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Understanding the Flesh

Do you ever feel like you are in a war? You know the right thing to do, but you often feel a strong pull to do just the opposite. Do you feel worn out from this constant battle within?
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Random Thoughts & Quotes

Jesus is the light of the world. Remove Jesus from a culture, and it will be plunged into darkness, manifested as self-destruction, irrationality, and outright insanity!
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Did You Know ...

that most people do not believe all the animals could possibly fit onto Noah’s ark
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