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Spiritually Dead, Now What?​​ 


We left Adam and Eve (A/E) in the Garden of Eden trying to cover their shame with​​ fig leaves and attempting to hide from God out of fear. Then when God “found” them, they played the oldest game​​ known to man – the blame game (actually,​​ “hide-and-go-seek”​​ may be just slightly older).​​ 



Separated from the Source of Life


As a result of eating from the forbidden tree,​​ A/E were​​ now​​ spiritually “dead to God” (separated from the life of God).​​ Rather than being influenced by God, they were​​ now​​ influenced and energized by Satan.

God had been​​ their source for​​ life and​​ all that they would ever need. But they bought the lie that they could live independently​​ of​​ God, i.e., be their own​​ “god”,​​ and decide​​ what was best for their lives.​​ Do you ever believe that lie?​​ 

As I’ve said, we are all born spiritually dead to God, thus,​​ prior to receiving Christ,​​ all that we do is done independently​​ of God (in/according to​​ our flesh).​​ Furthermore, we all​​ have a​​ sense that we are​​ missing something​​ (we feel empty), but​​ don’t know what it is.​​ Truth is, we are missing something.​​ This emptiness is often what leads​​ a person​​ to Christ.​​ 


Question -​​ What is the greatest need​​ of​​ a dead person?

Answer -​​ LIFE!

Question –​​ What (who)​​ is the only source of life?​​ 

Answer –​​ GOD​​ (JESUS)!


Get This​​ ​​ A dead person cannot bring himself back to life!​​ Said another way, a spiritually dead person cannot get spiritual life by the works of his flesh!

The good news is that​​ by the grace of God, Jesus came to give us​​ what we were missing​​ -​​ life – his life.​​ We​​ just​​ receive it by faith – no performance required!


We Need to​​ Shed​​ Some​​ Light on a Few Things


Before we go on, let me clarify a few things.​​ 

Last time I mentioned that Adam’s sin affected all of the life functions of man -​​ spiritual​​ (spirit),​​ psychological​​ (soul),​​ and​​ physical​​ (body), i.e., the entire person. We are created spirit, soul,​​ and body. Let me​​ briefly​​ explain these.

Our spirit is essentially who we are. We are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. Each of these “parts” of man has a life function and thus, has certain needs.​​ 


Functions and Needs

We all know that our body has needs,​​ and it demands that we pay attention to these needs. It has a very effective way of getting our attention through​​ hunger, thirst, pain,​​ fatigue,​​ etc.​​ And just like our bodies,​​ our soul and spirit also have needs​​ that must be met in order for us to function as God intended.


Body –​​ Interacts with the physical environment. Expresses what the soul is experiencing.​​ It needs​​ oxygen, nutrition, water, sleep, etc. to maintain its life.


Soul​​ ​​ Consists of our​​ mind​​ (thinking), emotions (feelings), and our will (choosing).​​ Our soul is the seat of our unique personality.​​ It is where we experience either life or death at any given moment.​​ Our soul​​ needs to know our​​ identity and purpose.​​ It also needs to​​ experience love, acceptance, security, significance,​​ and adequacy. These are what give​​ a person​​ a sense of value and purpose, i.e.,​​ a​​ sense of fullness, a sense of life! 


Spirit​​ ​​ Determines our true identity.​​ Our spirit is where we worship and commune with God.​​ It needs​​ life from God.​​ We are all created​​ as​​ vessels​​ where​​ the​​ life of God​​ can​​ dwell​​ so that we might experience his life and​​ then​​ express his life​​ in our behavior.​​ 

To help you better understand this, please read​​ God’s Design for Man​​ on this website.


Looking for LIFE in All the Wrong Places


As I continue to say, we all show​​ up​​ on earth spiritually dead to God, therefore our soul is experiencing death – shame, guilt, self-consciousness,​​ insecurity,​​ i.e., emptiness!​​ 

Just like A/E, mankind has​​ been deceived into believing that the way to​​ fill​​ up​​ this​​ emptiness, is by our “doing”.​​ The world’s​​ way is to seek after​​ fame, money, power,​​ sex,​​ glamor,​​ etc. to fill this void. At best,​​ these​​ can only temporarily seem to fill​​ up​​ one’s emptiness.​​ ​​ Oftentimes, people never figure out that​​ spiritual​​ life cannot be​​ produced by human effort. It is a gift and can​​ only​​ be​​ received.

When​​ a person​​ is separated from the life of God​​ (spiritually dead),​​ he​​ cannot get​​ his​​ God-given inner needs met so that​​ he​​ can function as God intended. ​​ But, when we receive the life of Jesus, all our needs are met. We are complete in him. Amen!


If​​ I’m​​ Complete in Christ, Why Do I Still Feel Empty at Times?


That is a good question!​​ And I will answer it ... next time. But I will leave you with a hint. God has always given mankind the​​ freedom​​ to choose for​​ himself.​​ Exhibit A​​ – A/E in the garden. Every moment of every day we make a choice​​ that results in either​​ life or death. Think about it.


Ask yourself (and God) –​​ When I feel empty, what​​ am I believing?


My Struggle –​​ When I feel empty or​​ feel​​ like I’m missing something,​​ I’m learning to immediately ask​​ God to reveal​​ the lie(s) that I’m believing.​​ The feeling of emptiness,​​ or​​ sometimes it’s a​​ lack of peace,​​ serves​​ like​​ a red​​ light on a​​ car’s​​ dashboard. It tells me​​ something is wrong;​​ I’m not trusting Jesus in some areas​​ of my life.​​ ​​ 


Scripture References –​​ Genesis chapters​​ 1-3;​​ John 4:24;​​ 2 Cor 4;​​ Eph 2:1-3;​​ Eph 2:8-9;​​ Col. 2.​​ 


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