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Format for this Commentary on Romans


Here is some information that may help you maneuver your way through this commentary on Paul’s letter to the church​​ in​​ Rome.​​ 

All scripture is from the New American Standard Bible version (NASB) unless otherwise indicated.

Other bible versions include –

King James Version – KJV

New King James Version – NKJV

English Standard Version – ESV

The New Living Translation​​ ​​ NLT

Young’s Literal Translation – YLT


Bible chapter and verse number citations​​ are written as links to the NASB​​ unless the entire verse is written out.​​ In addition, various words are highlighted within some verses. Clicking on these highlighted words will result in a pop-up window that explains the word.​​ 


For example –​​ 

V1​​  Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge,​​  For in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself;​​  For you who judge practice the same things.

Note the word​​  Therefore ​​ is a different color. Clicking on this word will result in a pop-up window with an explanation.

Also, various quotes in this commentary include the abbreviations AV and RV. These refer to the Authorized Version and the Revised Version of the bible respectively.​​ 

Each verse has a​​ Summary​​ written to indicate the meaning of the verse based on the original Greek words used in the translation as understood by me. In addition, there is a​​ Comment​​ section where comments from myself and occasionally others are given to enrich the understanding of what Paul is trying to say, as well as provide practical applications. Also, most verses have additional notes that may be viewed by clicking on the “Additional Notes” link.​​ 

There are also several links to other articles that appear on this website. These are given to give you a deeper understanding of particular subjects to help you understand the message that Paul was trying to communicate.​​ 

For the best understanding, please read this commentary beginning​​ with the background​​ and​​ continuing through each chapter​​ in order. If you don’t understand the context of the scriptures it is impossible to understand the message. And as always, pray that the​​ Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to you as you read this​​ all-important​​ letter that Paul wrote to the church​​ in​​ Rome.​​ 


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