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Thinking​​ About Growing Old

By​​ Rick Moffett April​​ 22, 2017


I’ve been thinking about growing old. I suppose “old” is a relative term. To a teenager, 30 is old. Of course, all of us are growing old or better, oldER. However, at some point in our life we begin to think about NOT growing older, i.e., dying. Thankfully, no one knows the day they will die, except perhaps some of those on death row awaiting execution.​​ 


My thoughts​​ of reaching the end of my life are concerned with the many regrets I have for things I didn’t do that I wish I had,​​ and the things I did do that I wish I hadn’t.​​ I’m fairly certain that we all of those regrets. I think about all the people I’ve known, or at least those with whom I believed I would always stay in contact. But sure enough, most​​ of them​​ are no longer in my life in a meaningful way. I could probably track them down, but rarely do. They chose their path along life’s journey and I chose mine. Sadly, they don’t always run side by side. But, then there are those who I would have never met had I not chose the paths I did; and for that I am thankful. I often wonder – did God influence my “path choosing” or were they just random choices? I do believe that God is sovereign, but I also believe he gave us the freedom to make our own choices (see the Garden of Eden). ​​ 


But for me, I’ve been thinking even more about how I should invest the time I have left on planet earth. I would like to make a positive difference in this quickly deteriorating world.​​ I believe that we all have a purpose for being here.​​ This thought was seemingly confirmed by​​ a verse in the bible​​ I came across recently,​​ that I did not recall reading before. It says,​​ 

"For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers and underwent decay;”​​ Acts 13:36 (NASB)


So, does that mean we all have something unique and special to do that no one else can do; or does it mean that we all have the same general purpose while here on earth? I do believe that it is God’s desire that we should all receive the life of Christ, experience the life of Christ and then express the life of Christ to the world. But, is there more? Am I created to do that in some special way exclusive only to me? I recall a time about 25 years ago while sitting in a church meeting. It was a special time when different ones in the congregation were standing up and sharing in way that seemed to be led by the Holy Spirit. I was impressed to stand and say something that,​​ to me, made no sense at all. I argued with God for what seemed to be several minutes, but in reality, was only a few seconds. Then I decided I was not going to say it. About 60 seconds later, Ed, a man sitting across the aisle from me, stood up and said exactly what I was impressed to say. God spoke to my heart and gently told me that his plan would come to pass regardless of what I chose to do; and that I could be part of his plan or he would choose another. Now that really complicates my thinking as to whether we have some unique purpose or not.​​ 


Well, I’ve been praying and acknowledging my limited​​ knowledge​​ about this subject. I’ve been asking the Lord to give me direction as to how to spend my remaining years on earth. And by the way, I regret not seeking the answer to that question more diligently earlier in my life. I suppose it took me “getting old” to realize the preciousness of the time we are all given. As of now, I have not received any confirming revelation as to anything specific God would have me do to make a difference in my little spot on the globe. But, I have lived long enough to know that God’s answer to my prayers are not often written out where I can have the whole plan all at once. It usually comes step by step; and usually not even so I realize he is directing my steps,​​ that is,​​ until I look back and see his mighty hand at work​​ in my life.​​ 


Several years​​ ago,​​ I heard someone’s​​ comment​​ to​​ the question, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”. The comment went something like this, “God doesn’t want you to do anything. He just wants you!”.​​ 

So for now, I will be content knowing that God loves me and does not need me to DO anything. He is simply pleased that I trust him and am experiencing his life and expressing it to​​ those​​ whose path I come across. Amen.​​ 


Note​​ – It was just a few months after this was written that God put it in my heart to have a website built.​​ RM