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How Did We Get into This Mess?​​ (Part​​ 2)


Adam’s sin


Last time,​​ we​​ left​​ Adam​​ and Eve (A/E) in the garden​​ faced with a choice. Trust God​​ or believe the lies of the serpent, who we know to be Satan.​​ ​​ Most of you know the story.​​ A/E chose​​ to believe the lie that God was not enough to meet their needs. So,​​ they ate from​​ the forbidden tree, and that choice​​ resulted in what many call the​​ “fall of man”.


Certainly,​​ Adam’s​​ sin​​ had​​ severe consequences, but​​ not just for himself.​​ His sin​​ also​​ “infected”​​ every person ever born​​ on planet​​ Earth​​ (except Jesus).​​ Romans 5:12​​ says​​ that​​ sin entered the world through one man (Adam),​​ and​​ that sin resulted​​ in death.​​ Furthermore,​​ it says​​ that sin and death​​ passed​​ to all men (mankind).​​ Therefore, because of Adam’s one​​ sin, all​​ men were​​ made sinners​​ (Rom. 5:19).​​ ​​ To better understand​​ the power of​​ sin, please read​​ Controlling Power of Sin​​ on this website.


The Effects​​ of​​ Sin​​ 


After​​ A/E​​ ate from the forbidden tree, they​​ most certainly did die, just as God had warned. Yet,​​ they could still walk around, exhibit emotions and exercise their freedom of choice.​​ If this​​ sounds​​ like​​ I’m talking about​​ some kind of zombie movie, that’s not too far off.​​ 


When​​ A/E​​ ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they​​ died spiritually. It’s helpful to understand that death in the bible​​ most often​​ refers to “separation” rather than “annihilation”​​ (non-existence).​​ A/E​​ were separated from the life of God, and subsequently, all people​​ are born​​ in that same​​ spiritually​​ dead​​ condition,​​ separated from the life of God.​​ Make no mistake, sin always results in death​​ (separation from life).​​ 


The Effects of Death


All the life functions of man​​ ​​ spiritual (spirit),​​ psychological (soul),​​ and​​ physical (body)​​ were affected by Adam’s sin.​​ (To help you better understand this, please read​​ God’s Design for Man​​ on this website).​​ Since​​ A/E​​ were separated from the life of God in their​​ spirit, they experienced death in their​​ soul, which was​​ manifested​​ as​​ shame, fear, condemnation, insecurity,​​ guilt,​​ self-consciousness,​​ and emptiness.​​ Then they expressed it through their​​ body​​ by attempting to:​​ 


  • cover their nakedness due to shame, self-consciousness,​​ and insecurity.

  • hide from God due to fear.

  • blame others to deflect their shame and guilt.


Because we​​ all​​ show up on planet​​ Earth spiritually dead to God,​​ we struggle with these same issues -​​ shame, fear, condemnation, insecurity, guilt,​​ and self-consciousness.​​ Here are some things the apostle Paul said about us in​​ our​​ spiritually dead to God​​ condition –​​ 


  • We were dead in our trespasses and sins –​​ Eph. 2:1-3

  • We lived in the passions of our flesh –​​ Eph. 2:1-3

  • We were by nature, children of wrath –​​ Eph. 2:1-3

  • We​​ were darkened in our understanding​​ –​​ Eph. 4:17-18

  • We were​​ excluded from the life of God​​ –​​ Eph. 4:17-18

  • We were ignorant of the truth about God​​ –​​ Eph. 4:17-18

  • We had a hard heart​​ –​​ Eph. 4:17-18

  • We were slaves to sin –​​ Rom. 6:16-17


If that’s not bad enough, Paul says we had​​ no hope!​​ (Eph. 2:12)​​ 

Hopeless​​ (apart from Christ)



Naked and Not Ashamed


Before they ate from the forbidden tree, A/E were naked and not ashamed (Gen. 2:25).​​ 


It is helpful to note that shame​​ conveys the idea of a wrongness of “being”,​​ e.g.,​​ “Something is wrong with me” or “I don’t measure up” or “I’m missing something that I need to be OK”.​​ Vine’s Dictionary​​ says this about the Hebrew word translated​​ as​​ ashamed​​ in Gen. 2:25​​ –​​ the word has overtones of being or feeling worthless”. Recall, our identity has to do with our “being” – our value as a person.


A/E​​ were​​ not ashamed because they were experiencing the life of God and all that it brings – love, joy, peace, rest, fullness,​​ security,​​ etc.​​ But the first thing Adam and Eve did after eating from the forbidden tree was to cover themselves. Why? Because​​ now they were ashamed!​​ Previously they were “God-conscious”, but now they were “self-conscious”.​​ 


Because Adam’s sin passed to all mankind,​​ we are​​ all​​ born onto planet​​ Earth with an identity​​ that is​​ full of shame, guilt, insecurity, etc.​​ These issues can be with us our entire life​​ if we fail to understand their origin and​​ the remedy.​​ In addition,​​ we all try to cover our shame​​ because​​ we are self-conscious. We don’t want people to see our flaws!


But there is a “solution”, so stay with​​ me​​ for future posts​​ to understand how you can live​​ secure in your identity​​ in​​ Christ.​​ 


Ask yourself (and God) –​​ Do I​​ try to​​ “cover” myself?​​ If so, how​​ and why?


Remember –​​ You are valuable because you are “in Christ” (more on that later).


My Struggle –​​ My​​ tendency around other people​​ has​​ often​​ been​​ to come across​​ as​​ strong, confident,​​ and sometimes cocky. The Lord revealed to me several years ago that this was a​​ cover​​ for my insecurities.​​ I’m learning to be myself, secure in knowing my identity​​ is​​ in Christ​​ alone!


Scripture References –​​ Genesis 1-3;​​ Romans 5, 6; Galatians 2:20; Eph. 2, 4; 1 Thessalonians 5:23.


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