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Your Worldview Matters

“A worldview is something that everyone has​​ and few people​​ ever consider.​​ Simply put, our worldview is how we see the world; not physically, but philosophically.​​ It consists of all our beliefs and reflects our most cherished values.”
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Is the Bible the Word of God?

“Another problem with proving the Bible by using external evidence is that whatever is chosen to justify the Bible becomes more authoritative than the Bible itself,​​ thus​​ using external evidence to prove the Bible denies the very thing we are trying to prove.​​ Think for a moment, if the Bible​​ is​​ truly​​ God’s word, then to what more authoritative standard could​​ we​​ possibly appeal in order to defend it?”
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Confirming the Reliability of the Bible

“External evidence doesn’t “speak for itself”, it must be interpreted,​​ and​​ as I said in my last article,​​ our​​ interpretation will always be in line with​​ our​​ presuppositions​​ (things​​ we​​ believe to be true without necessarily having any proof).​​”
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Understanding Bible Prophecy

“Today (2020) we have the blessing of seeing the fulfillment of most of the Bible prophecies. It is exciting, encouraging, and motivating to live at a time that allows us to watch God’s plan unfold right before our eyes.”
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Bible Prophecy Fulfilled – Part 1

“Fulfilled prophecy is a powerful way to demonstrate the reliability of the Bible.”
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Creation or Evolution?

Can you defend the position of “God created the heavens and the earth” to someone who insisted that evolution had been scientifically proven?
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