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Why not choose life? – A question with an obvious answer for most. But there’s more to life than just having a heartbeat and being able to breathe. Many people are walking around today who are alive physically and yet they are miserable. Jesus said that he came that we might have life and have it abundantly! Are you experiencing that abundant life? What does that even mean?

While designing this website, I was asked why I put it up and what did I hope to accomplish. The answer came immediately – “Because the truths expressed on this site changed my life and I believe there are many others with similar struggles as I had who can also be set free!”.

Most of the information I’ve written about was not learned sitting in a church meeting. I had to come to the end of myself. I had run out of options (I thought). My marriage was on life support. I was miserable, and worse, I had thoughts of suicide every day for months. But at just the right time (God’s timing), a pastor friend of mine introduced me to a counselor (Carol). The Holy Spirit working through Carol first exposed my problems and then showed me biblical solutions. Eventually, I asked Carol, “Why haven’t I heard these life-changing truths before?” I recall her answer, “Because you weren’t ready to hear it!”.

Carol taught me who I was in Christ, which is one of the most important things a Christian can learn. Why? Because Satan, our enemy, loves to attack our identity. See Identity in Christ.

What about your flesh? Did you know that your flesh is always working against the Holy Spirit within you? Can you recognize how your flesh controls you? See Understanding the Flesh.

Would it surprise you to know that sin is a power that dwells in your physical body? Read the Controlling Power of Sin.

What about God’s forgiveness? Do you need to ask God to forgive you every time you commit a sinful act? NO, NO, NO! Read Completely Forgiven. By the way, 1 John 1:9 doesn’t say a Christian should continually ask for forgiveness. See 1 John 1 Commentary.

Can you readily Defend your Christian faith? Are you teaching your children why the theory of Evolution cannot be true? Check out the articles in the Apologetics section for answers.

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is possibly the most important book on Christian living in the Bible, especially chapters 6-8. Read the commentary on Romans to strengthen your daily walk.

May God’s Holy Spirit guide you in all truth as you study the information on this site.

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PS – if you have never received Christ as your savior, let me encourage you to see the gospel message here.