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A New Creation in Christ – Part 4 - Reconciliation




Have you ever had an enemy? Someone you knew was out to get you and do​​ you​​ harm?​​ I had one back in high school​​ named Paul.​​ Paul​​ was a rough character and​​ he​​ had a bunch of rough friends. We called them “thugs” back then.​​ It was not a group of guys​​ you would have picked to be your​​ enemy!​​ He came up and sucker- punched me in the head during history class​​ one day.​​ Immediately, the words “after school” were spoken.​​ Everyone knew what that meant.​​ Back then,​​ we settled our differences after school​​ in the parking lot​​ with fist fights; and that’s where Paul and I settled ours!​​ 

Did you​​ know that you​​ were​​ born with an enemy?​​ The​​ Bible tells us that we were​​ all​​ enemies​​ with​​ God. And furthermore, we​​ were hostile toward​​ him,​​ and alienated from​​ him​​ because of our sin.​​ (Gen. 3:8;​​ Isa. 59:2;​​ Rom. 5:10;​​ Col. 1:21)​​ But fortunately, God was not out to get us and do us harm.​​ Because of his great love for us, he sought to reconcile us to himself​​ (Rom. 5:8).​​ 




For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.​​ Romans 5.10​​ 


What does it mean to be “reconciled to God”?​​ First, let’s take a look at what the word​​ “reconcile”​​ means.​​ It​​ comes from the Greek word​​ katallassō​​ -​​ ​​ 

  • to change mutually –​​ Strong’s Dictionary


  • to change, exchange; to change from enmity to friendship.​​ With regard to the relationship between God and man, the use of this and connected words shows that primarily "reconciliation" is what God accomplishes, exercising His grace towards sinful man on the ground of the death of Christ in propitiatory sacrifice under the judgment due to sin.​​ -​​ Vine's Expository Dictionary


  • to reconcile; to restore to friendship; to change; to change thoroughly; to exchange; to change from enmity to friendship; to bring together, restore.​​ -​​ 
    Practical Word Studies in The New Testament


In short,​​ when​​ we​​ were​​ reconciled to God, we were​​ changed from enemies of God to friends of God.​​ The hostility between man and God has been removed.​​ It is important to know that it was man who was changed, not God!​​ It is​​ also​​ important to note that it was God who initiated reconciliation​​ with man​​ by sending​​ Jesus​​ to shed his blood and die​​ on a cross.​​ As a result,​​ our sin​​ is no longer counted against us! (2 Cor. 5:19; Col. 1:20)​​ When​​ we​​ receive Christ by faith,​​ we are​​ completely forgiven of all sin and​​ thus,​​ reconciled to God. The relationship​​ has been​​ restored and we are now at peace with God!​​ (Rom. 5:1)


Another Gift​​ from​​ God


Now all​​ these​​ things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation,​​ 2 Corinthians 5.18​​ 


Consider -​​ God Almighty, the one who spoke the world into existence, who is all knowing and all powerful, chose you and I to be his spokespersons to tell the world that all men can​​ have their sins forgiven and be at peace with Him!​​ 

What a privilege! What a responsibility! Our Heavenly Father trusts us to share the most important message a person can hear!​​ And why wouldn’t he? It’s generally accepted that​​ one of​​ the best forms​​ of advertising is “word of mouth” advertising.​​ If you have received Christ and​​ realize all that he has done for​​ you, how can you not​​ tell others?​​ 


But I​​ Don’t Know What to Say​​ 


I used to teach people what to say when sharing the gospel.​​ Then one day I realized that​​ having a set script​​ never works.​​ 

But let me tell you what does work.​​ Just​​ tell​​ others​​ what Jesus has done in your own life. Don’t worry about​​ saying everything perfect. Don’t worry about having your doctrine​​ flawless.​​ Don’t worry about what others will think of you.​​ Let the Holy Spirit guide you and you will say exactly what needs to be said.​​ ​​ 


We Have the Best Friend​​ a Person Can Have


Deep down​​ we all​​ want​​ to have friends.​​ But as I was told many years ago,​​ and have​​ discovered​​ for myself,​​ good friends are hard to come by.​​ I’ve also discovered that​​ Jesus is the friend that will never abandon you. He will listen to you any time and any place​​ for as long as you need. He understands​​ you​​ and cares about you, regardless of how bad you’ve messed up.​​ He is​​ AMAZING!


Take five minutes and listen to this​​ song​​ about​​ your BFF.​​ 



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